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With Castlebet LITE, you can withdraw funds from your account to your Mobile Money.

IMPORTANT: You can only withdraw your winnings. You must bet with the entire amount of your deposit before you are eligible for a withdrawal. Any withdrawal requests submitted before you have placed bets for the entire amount of your deposits will be rejected.

To withdraw funds from your account, you must be logged in to your account and you must submit a withdrawal request.

WARNING: Mobile Money can only be received on the mobile number you used to register with. Your mobile number is your identity and your wallet. You cannot receive your funds via Mobile Money on any other number.

Once on the "Withdraw" page, you must select your preferred withdrawal method. We currently support MTN Mobile Money, Airtel Mobile Money and FNB eWallet withdrawals. Please select your Mobile network. Then enter the amount you wish to withdraw from your account.


Please make sure you have enough funds on your account to cover the withdrawal. If you try to withdraw more money than you have on your Castlebet LITE account, the withdrawal request will be rejected.

As a security measure, you are asked to supply your account password. This is a necessary precaution to prevent unauthorised access to your funds. Only you know your password. Which means only you can withdraw money from your account.

Once you submit the withdrawal request, the amount will be deducted from your Castlebet LITE online balance. It will be temporarily held until the withdrawal is processed and sent to you. Once the Mobile Money is sent to you, you can check your transaction history in the Account section to view the Mobile Money transaction along with the MTN/Airtel/FNB Reference ID for the transfer.

A withdrawal request is not automatic. We check all withdrawal requests before sending them in order to make sure your money is safely sent to the right person. Your money will be sent within 5 minutes of us receiving the request. If we have any doubts about any withdrawal requests coming from your account, our safety team will contact you.

Although we try to send you your money as quickly as possible, MTN/Airtel Mobile Money network outages and MTN/Airtel Mobile Money system delays are beyond our control.

YOU ARE ALLOWED ONE FREE WITHDRAWAL PER DAY. YOUR FIRST WITHDRAWAL OF THE DAY WILL NOT INCUR A MTN/AIRTEL/FNB TRANSACTION FEE. ANY SUBSEQUENT WITHDRAWALS BEFORE 24 HOURS HAVE PASSED WILL HAVE THE TRANSACTION FEES DEDUCTED. For example, if you request K50 to be sent to you, if it's been more than 24 hours since your last withdrawal, you will have K50 deducted from your Castlebet LITE balance and K50 will appear on your Mobile Money. If it hasn't been 24 hours since your last withdrawal, the K50 withdrawal will incur a transaction fee of K1, which will be deducted. Your Castlebt LITE account will have K50 deducted from it, but you will only receive K49 on your phone.

If you withdraw before 24 hours has passed since your last withdrawal, you will be charged the following fees


Withdrawal Amount Fee
Any Amount K1


Withdrawal Amount Fee
Any Amount K1

FNB eWallet

Withdrawal Amount Fee
Any Amount K1