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SPORTS betting king Reuben Mulungu WINS over K64 PIN cash - helped by CASTLEBET's K18 pin Multi Bonus!

Yet another CASTLEBET player was celebrating last night after winning K64,487.73 from Zambia’s favourite sports betting company, Castlebet.

28-year-old businessman Mr Reuben Mulungu, from Emmasdale, Lusaka, punched the air with joy during a photo shoot to receive his prize and begged sports betting fans: "Guys, if you are into sports betting it’s time you upgraded to the best: Castlebet, and dumped the rest!"

The Dad-of-two added: "Listen to my advice and test them with your own eyes."

"I am telling you for real this company offers a better deal than others. Imagine - some sports betting companies still do not offer cash out or money back if only 1 team lets you down. Castlebet Lite gives you all this and much, much more."

"I myself won an extra 18 pin on the bet compared to other sports betting companies thanks to their multi boost bonus."

"This company has other advantages; you can deposit and withdraw via bank transfer and other methods such as cash so there is no stingy 10 or 20 pin limit."

"Now I have won big I have seen the Castlebet difference with my own eyes; some of these rival companies only allow you to withdraw a small stingy amount each day when you have a big balance in your account, like 5 pin a day. They are hoping you will lose later. With Castlebet Lite, things are different. I received my full payout same day by bank transfer."

He had joined Zambia's biggest and best online sports betting company in 2019 and when asked why he no longer bets with stingy foreign sports betting companies he had this to say:

"CASTLEBET is a Zambian company and they offer the best sports betting experience as compared to any other sports betting company in the country."

"CASTLEBET is the only company that allows you to make deposits from your bank account to your sports betting account. You can also make direct withdraws straight from your castlebet to your bank account!"

The excited winner could not help but share his joy and plans for the future. "I had one plan that i did not manage to fulfill in 2020 and that was to build a house for my family, now with CASTLEBET i will see my dream of building come true. "

"This money will go a long way in making me the house owner I have always wanted to be."

Mr Reuben placed a multiple bet with 12 teams on his ticket and this qualified him to receive a 40% odds boost on his ticket from odds of 46.348 to 64.487 odds!

His ticket had a combination of selections on markets covering total goals, match result and double chance. Learn more on CASTLEBET multi-bet boost HERE.

Take a look at Reuben’s selections on the screenshot

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